Windblown Cupcakes

I was surprised when my cupcakes emerged from the oven all spilling over on one side. They were in individual silicone cupcake cups on a cookie sheet, and the rack was level. This had never happened before.

I immediately realized what happened, but certainly didn't anticipate it. I use the convection setting on my oven all the time so the hot air circulates around and things cook more evenly and quickly. I usually use the center position for the rack, and my baked goods came out as expected.

But today I used the rack in the lowest position since it was there from when I braised short ribs and needed more room for the dutch oven. And I just left the rack there since I didn't think it would matter.

I guess the convection fan is located near the bottom of the oven. I never paid attention before. But these cupcakes are bizarre. They are like driftwood cupcakes, they cooked all windblown on top and are thick in some places, thin in others, some parts actually cooked in mid-air. So I have sculptural cupcakes because of the convection breeze. But they cooked through just fine, and taste as good as usual, so I'm fine with that.

I will definitely take the 10 seconds to reposition the rack to the center next time. Although there is nothing wrong with the cupcakes from a taste perspective (the most important thing for me), I do not find them satisfying with the asymmetrical shape. There is something about a cute little round cupcake that I really like, but it was missing in this batch since none of them were cute and compact like little cake buttons.

Live and learn.