Lots of Yarn, and Tulle for my Tutu

Terry wanted to get out of the house today, so I suggested we go to the yarn and dance shops downtown. I needed to exchange some yarn since I changed my mind about what project I want to knit. It was crowded since it was the first day of the shop's 40% off sale, but Terry and William stayed out of the way by the front display windows. I got yarn to knit more baby socks (they are addictive) and also yarn that I hope will go perfectly with William's black pea coat. I want to knit matching mittens and a hat for that. Although it's nearly February, he might not need to wear the coat for much longer now, and it won't fit him next year. I suppose if I don't finish the project soon I could always use the yarn to knit myself a hat and mittens-- I've had the same black wool coat for many years now, and I suppose I'll keep it until it's worn out. But I got it in NY, it's a fine quality coat, so I suspect it will last indefinitely. I do need to reline it, though, the lining has definitely seen better days. Anyway, the yarn will look good on me if I don't make something for William.

I picked out a black leotard and pink tights to wear to ballet class on Monday. I wanted to get a skirt, but they didn't have the length I wanted in my size, so I'll go without this week. The leotard is a little snug, but when I tried on different styles in the next size up it was clear that I would risk flying completely out of them when we do our jumps, especially since I'm still nursing I suppose I've got larger breasts than the prototypical ballerina. So the slightly smaller size gives me better coverage and more support. And it's no tighter than the dance clothes I already have, and I don't find them restrictive.

I did find a video online about how to make your own tutu, so I'm going to do that. I ordered tulle strips in pink, white, and fuchsia. That should make a fetching skirt. I won't get the supplies in time for Monday, but hopefully for the week after that, but it doesn't really matter. I'm going to take the next session of classes so I'll be dancing through March at least.

I needed a few more items to hit the $35 needed for free shipping. After dinner tonight we went to the fabric shop so I could get fabric to reupholster the rocking chair in the bedroom and upholster the ottoman in the upstairs lounge. Terry and William were waiting in the car so I didn't go back to wait in the cutting line again when I forgot to pick out trim to use to finish the edges of the chair. So I added that to my online order. It's glued on after the rest of the upholstery is done, so it doesn't matter when it arrives, it won't hold up my project.

I also got a book that teaches one to knit two socks at once on two circular needles. I still haven't finished the second sock of William's that I started in the green camo yarn. Reading the book reviews, I see I am not the only person who happily knits one sock, then loses their enthusiasm before the second sock is done. With this method you use two circular needles, and two balls of yarn, and you can knit your socks at the same time. I figure if I am going to knit adult socks (I want to try) that I'd better just go ahead and do it this way, otherwise I'll have a drawer full of beautiful single socks which I'll never wear. Knitting two at once will take longer, but the project will be DONE when I get to the end. AND this ensures the cuffs and length and other details will be exactly the same, even if I alter the pattern, since I won't have to remember what I did a month later. The second sock will get the same treatment at the same time. I'm pretty psyched to knit some socks for myself, but I'm starting to get a pretty long list of projects lined up and I don't know when exactly I'll get to it. When I finish William's other sock, I'm going to knit some gifts for upcoming baby showers. Then I'm going to knit another diaper cover for William, then if it's still cold I'll knit him a hat and mittens, and only after that will I try to knit adult socks. I might have to take a break and knit more baby gifts before then, a LOT of my friends are expecting this year.