Early Morning Shopping

The attraction of bananagrams is beginning to wear off, so when I had had enough of that game today I decided to figure out which car seat we should get.

The one we're currently using is an infant seat, and it's borrowed. William still fits in it, and it's good up to 25 lbs, but we'll probably need a new one in the next few months so we might as well not wait until the last minute.

We're not thrilled with the current one because we need to have the front seats in the car scooted up for it to fit in the back. I read the online reviews and saw that people liked the Britax Roundabout in their sedans. It's a "compact" design according to the manufacturer. I ordered it from diapers.com and we'll see for ourselves on Tuesday. If it doesn't fit, I can always return it.

Our current infant seat fits in our travel stroller frame, so we'll keep that until our trip to Florida at a minimum since it's convenient to stroll him in the airport. Perhaps also for our trip to NY in March. We might just get a little umbrella stroller, though, I'm not sure. If we take cabs we don't need car seats, neither will we need it on the subway. But we might want to bring a car seat for the cab just to be safe. We'll see.

At diapers.com I also saw a gift that I want for someone so I got that, and also a set of percussion instruments for babies. I'm glad I read the reviews-- I'll keep the tambourine and possibly the maracas out of William's hands until he's old enough to not destroy them. The other stuff seems to be baby-proofed.