Calamari Allergy?

William had a crazy rash last week. On Wednesday he was fine, and had a good time at playgroup. We also took him out to dinner with us and he was good for that excursion also.

Thursday, however, was another story. He was fussy all day long, and wasn't sleeping well. He also wasn't eating as much as usual. I chalked it up to being overstimulated the day before.

Friday morning the poor kid had an alarming rash over his entire body. It looked like he had a hundred bug bites, covered with little red lumps. But he was no more fussy than the day before, and he didn't seem to be particularly bothered by the rash. Nevertheless, we called the doctor to see if this was something we should wait and see if it would pass or if we should come in. She said a sudden rash over the whole body was unusual and we should come in.

The rash got worse over the few hours until our appointment later that morning, but William wasn't acting worse. The doctor confirmed that it wasn't chicken pox (neither Terry nor I had ever had it, so we didn't know what it looks like exactly, and it would be bad for Terry if William had it since he never got immunized for that). She said it was hives, but that she really didn't know what caused it.

Her best guess was that it was a virus. Her next guess was that maybe William had a delayed reaction to the calamari we fed him Wednesday night. She said that possibly it could be from one of the immunizations William got on Monday, but that was a long shot since most side-effects would manifest well before the fifth day. Terry thought maybe William was allergic to the coconut milk in the dinner I cooked on Thursday night, but neither the doctor nor I thought that was likely.

William napped much better on Friday, and by Saturday the rash was nearly gone. Our baby book said that often you'll never discover what causes hives. But we'll pay attention the next time we feed William calamari, coconut milk, and at his next round of shots in a few months. If the hives weren't caused by a virus, we'll expect them to repeat if he's exposed to the trigger again.

My guess is that it was not a food allergy, since his stools were normal and he didn't even have gas or express any other sort of stomach discomfort. Poor kid, it's a bummer that babies catch so many things that adults don't have to deal with.