Nanny Search Continues

Terry and I decided that it would be good for our marriage/personal happiness to find a part-time nanny. We spend some time each week arguing about who took care of William longer and what we missed out on because of it. It's a pointless argument since the fact is we both share responsibility pretty evenly over time, and we both would be less irritable if we had a little more personal time. And there is a simple solution: part-time nanny. Right now I think the maid is our largest single monthly expense, and I figure the nanny would be twice that. But the fact is, since Terry retired we don't need to spend a ton of money on other stuff (especially since we don't go out very often any more), so we figure it will probably be worth it. The maid certainly is. And in the unlikely event that we run out of money before we die, we'll just put William in public school and get jobs like normal people. No big deal, we'll take our chances.

A friend told us about the CharlottesvilleNanny board online, so I check that. I've sent a few messages, but still haven't found anyone. We're not in a tremendous hurry, so we'll find someone eventually.