Three Downed Trees

So it's 6:15 pm, am I meeting my goals for the day? Again, it looks like I'll just finish one of two. I did take a nap on the porch after lunch. And when I awoke, I decided I would exercise outside instead of doing one of my 10-minute DVD routines. But that turned out to be quite a bit less efficient--I spent an hour walking around the grounds and dragging tree limbs into the water to continue the "dock" I'm building into the reservoir so I can launch my rafts into deeper water. I've got some of the photos from this afternoon posted already on Heidi Sees. It certainly was quite a workout. The trip down to the lake is downhill, but coming back home is brutal. I'm so out of shape, by the time I climbed back up the cliff and then uphill through the back field I was trudging one step at a time with a blank look on my face like a Confederate soldier returning defeated at the end of the war. Then I had to relax on the porch to catch my breath and used that time to post my photos. Now there is only time to shower and get ready to go to church. And it's extremely doubtful I'll feel like starting the tax return when I get home tonight. So you can guess what my goal for tomorrow will be. . .