Bread Is. . .Healthy

The good news is that there is nothing wrong with the no-knead bread, and it's really good for you. The bad news is that it's not delicious. It just tastes like a rather bland multi-grain bread.

I only had a few bites of the first loaf since I took it to baby club. Buttering the bread helped considerably, and the kids loved it.

I baked a second loaf for dinner, so I could better evaluate it. The second loaf was the same as the first. It's definitely not a bread to "feature" in a bread basket or anything, but it works pretty well in a sandwich format (if you like tiny sandwiches, the loaf and resulting slices are quite small). Terry and I spread cheese on ours for dinner, and it was decent that way.

But William loved it. I didn't let him have any this morning since I didn't want him to make a mess in Allie's house. But we ripped the bread into tiny bites for him tonight, and the kid couldn't get enough of it. He ate 25% of the loaf, no kidding. Pretty much the same reaction that the toddlers had this morning. I wonder what it is about bland multi-grain bread that the kids like so much?

William also liked artichoke. I'm not sure if it's on "the list" we've been working from, but it's a vegetable he hasn't tried yet, so I cooked it for him. It had been a long time since I cooked an artichoke (at least 15 years) so I had to look up proper cooking technique in a cookbook. For the sauce, I lightly browned some Mennonite butter (now that I've discovered it's relatively inexpensive at the IGA, I'm going to keep it as a staple-- it's so rich and flavorful it tastes almost like cheese, but it's butter!) and that was delicious. William couldn't scrape the meat off the leaves with his teeth since he doesn't HAVE teeth, but like a stork, Terry scraped the vegetable part out with his teeth then fed it to William. Although we did give William some leaves to gum, he liked that, too.

I'll feed the boy spaghetti squash tomorrow. Maybe cook something with butternut squash, I'm not sure. We have less than three months to feed him all the tastes we want him to eat as a toddler, so I have a renewed focus to get this done. I know that one year is not a magical date at which point he'll stop being open to new foods, but it does seem like a reasonable albeit arbitrary goal. But mostly it's fun to watch him eat new foods. He's like Mikey-- he likes it!