Where's William (video)

William has been playing a variation of peekaboo for a long time now-- I throw a blanket over him, and ask "Where's William?" and then he flails his arms until the blanket is displaced and I say, "There he is!" We moved on to me throwing the blanket over my own head, and he'd pull it off.

But yesterday he INITIATED the game. It was the very first time he hid HIMSELF and then pulled the blanket away. I yelled for Terry to get the camera, so you are watching footage from just minutes after he first did this. He was going pretty fast-- it was all I could do to blurt out, "Where's William?" before he had already uncovered himself and it was time to say, "There you are!".

Yup, we're proud of our boy for waving a blanket in front of his face, a sure sign he'll grow up to be president or something, I'm sure. . .

Very cool!

Very cool!

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