My Vegetarian Entree

I had some butternut squash I needed to cook, and since it was already 5pm when I went down to start dinner I decided against my original plan to make homemade butternut squash ravioli. So I popped it in the microwave to cook then started flipping through cookbooks for inspiration. I read the instruction for making sausage-stuffed butternut squash and then came up with my own version (I posted the recipe for Double-Pork Squash Bake if you're interested, I think it's pretty good).

As I was making dinner, I was thinking to myself, "well, I guess it's not going to hurt us to have a vegetarian entrée once in a while" since in my mind the main ingredient was butternut squash. Therefore I was being all vegetarian serving butternut squash for dinner. But as it was in the oven I thought, "wait a minute, just because an entrée has a vegetable in it doesn't make it a vegetarian entrée." Clearly, with both pork tenderloin AND bacon, this is not a vegetarian entrée. Even if there is more butternut squash and apple than meat.

The funny thing is, this is always how I imagined vegetarian entrées should be. Terry was vegetarian for several years when we were first married, so I have plenty of experience cooking true vegetarian meals. But when I would sit down to eat, although Terry generally loved everything I made, I couldn't help but feel a bit underwhelmed, thinking, "Hmmm. This dish has potential; it could be really good, it just needs some ham or bacon. . ."