Fenway Gets A Clue

We had Fenway indoors again before the big snowstorm since bitter cold was predicted. I had to cajole to get him to come near me and then grab him since he wouldn't just come to the door when I called (like Merlin does).

Yesterday it was in the 40s and some of the snow had melted, so I let Fenway and Merlin out again. Merlin came in, but Fenway did not. He's got a cozy little space set up for himself under the bay window in the side garden. The heat duct for the dining room runs under there, and it's insulated with hay on all sides, so it is legitimately pretty cozy down there, even in bad weather. But it's snowing again tonight and I thought I'd go see if he wanted to come in since it might be a little damp.

He came over to the edge of his lair so I could pet him, but he didn't seem interested in coming out so I could bring him in the house. I told him he could stay out if he wanted, but if changed his mind he should meow at the door and I'll let him in.

I was doing dishes after dinner, and heard meowing. I looked out the front door but didn't see anything. But then I turned on the back porch light and there was Fenway, meowing at the screen door. I went out to open the door to let him in, but he saw Rambo and Merlin running over and got scared and ran away. So I put on some shoes and went out to fetch him. This time he came over to me and let me pick him up.

I've been worried about Fenway since he got stuck in that tree for several days, but this is a good development. We don't need to keep Fenway out of the house completely, just out enough that he doesn't feel the need to poop in the house. He was in a few days over the weekend without incident. Merlin comes and goes whenever he wants, he just meows at the door and we let him in or out. Now we'll see if Fenway figures it out. Tonight gives me hope.