Naptime Already?

So my goals for today are 1) amend our 2006 tax return, and 2) go to the reconciliation service tonight at 7:30pm.

I didn't fall asleep until 2am last night, so didn't wake up until around 10:30am. Read the February issue of Martha Stewart Living for 30 minutes, ate breakfast, then went upstairs to pay a bill and do the taxes. I paid the bill, but somehow ended up figuring out how to renew my passport instead of starting the taxes. I tried to print the renewal application, but my printer isn't working right and everything is blue with a bit of yellow and black only in places with no red except when I do a "nozzle check" test page then it's only blue and red. I gave up. Hopefully my friend Cathy will print out the page for me when she takes my passport photo (if she will do that, I haven't heard back yet but I don't see why not).

Then I checked facebook to see if it was my turn in scrabulous for any games (no) but while I was there I checked out Sarah's profile since she just recently "friended" me after we got back from Utah. She turned 30 in November, man we're all getting old. Some guy in a truck was sitting in front of my house for about 15 minutes, but now that I glanced out the window the truck is gone but I didn't hear the driveway alarm go off. Hopefully he's just with the power company driving through the field to get to the towers, but I don't know. It wasn't a power company truck. Strangers drive around the farm surprisingly regularly, it's a good thing I'm not uptight. Sometimes I go out and ask them what they're doing, but most of the time I just keep an eye on them from inside the house.

It's 1:30pm now and I'm sleepy. I don't know why, perhaps the skim milk in my cereal and strawberry yogurt wasn't enough protein for breakfast? I'll go make myself some lunch, take a shower, get dressed, then do the taxes. I never did download the 2006 1099-DIV from my brokerage last night, I'll start with that.