Reupholstering the Chair - Part 2

Here's a close-up of the problem webbing on the bottom of the chair.

Here is what it looks like now that I've replaced the rotten stuff.

There is nothing wrong with the springs themselves, but they were tied incorrectly and the whole setup was filthy dirty.

So I cut everything off the springs, cleaned them off, and sewed them to the new webbing. I don't think they were attached to the old webbing in a systematic way. I attached each spring with four knots sewn through the webbing. It was difficult threading jute twine through a needle, and difficult to pull it through the webbing, but I got it done.

My fingers are sore, so I'll tie the springs tomorrow. I'm going to do a proper 8-way hand-tie of the coils. Here's a page that explains everything involved in reupholstering in a simple and clear way. But I've got to use more technical web pages to help me figure out how to do this right. I've never tied springs before, so hopefully it will go ok.