Plowing Wasn't So Easy Today (video)

We woke up to A LOT of snow, and it was still coming down, so I decided to get out and plow early. I left the house at 8am, but was back home by 8:15 since I made it halfway up the driveway when I came upon a downed tree. I got out and tried to heave it out of the way; the trunk had snapped but it was not detached, so I couldn't move it. I didn't want to turn the tractor around on that part of the driveway (a ditch on one side and ravine on the other) so I walked back to the house. I made a video because I was very discouraged and thought that would make me feel better.

Terry and William were eating breakfast when I got in, so they finished eating before Terry went out to cut down the tree. I didn't get back to plowing until around 10am, and the snow was even deeper by then. And Terry decided to turn the tractor around and drive it back, leaving huge ruts and uneven piles of snow in his wake, so it was very difficult to plow when I returned to the job.

Your house is gorgeous.

Your house is gorgeous. Yeah, lots of snow, big driveway.... I couldn't stop looking at the house. You and Terry are very lucky.

Thanks! We flew down from

Thanks! We flew down from NYC househunting every few months for two years until we found the place. We are very happy here, and glad we got in while we could afford it, before the market took off.

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