Watching The Weather

I thought I had plowed our driveway pretty well today-- the snow was melting well in most of it, and I thinned it out more this afternoon. But my neighbor came over for a visit and her 4WD Surburban got caught at the bottom of the hill, and although she made it up to the house she was afraid she'd get stuck if she tried to drive back. So her and her kids walked the 1/3 mile home tonight.

I'll go out tomorrow when the snow is soft again and re-plow that part. That part of the driveway is tricky because it's the bottom of a hill AND a deep curve. But I'll get it done.

Now there is a prediction that we'll get EVEN MORE SNOW on Tuesday and possibly Wednesday. I was going to wait until Wednesday afternoon to drive to Richmond before our flight to Florida on Thursday. But now I'm going to keep a close eye on the weather updates, and if there is any chance we won't be able to get out on Wednesday, I'm going to opt to leave for Richmond early. Which means we'll need to pack tomorrow to be safe. We've got catsitters lined up so leaving early will be fine if that's necessary.

I cannot take much more of this winter weather. It is kind of a drag being so homebound with the baby. When it was just Terry and me, we didn't put up with this sort of nonsense, we were down in Florida or Mexico or the Caribbean or anywhere else warm and sunny pretty regularly over the winter. Even when we had to spend winters in NY/NJ it wasn't really so bad since things just didn't shut down for snow. They know how to handle it up there, and the only thing you really had to worry about was wearing waterproof boots and a hat when you left the house. Down here it's a mess.

They canceled ballet class last week, and it's cancelled again tomorrow (class is cancelled if the county schools are closed). I'll have to miss one of the rescheduled classes since I'll still be in FL (which is annoying since I scheduled the trip specifically to be during a week we had no class scheduled). They're giving a discount for the next session since the makeup classes are now running into the time for next session's classes. My tutu has been sitting in my closet unused for weeks now.

The worst part is that it's not even predicted to be very warm in the part of FL we're going to visit. Highs in the lower 60s. But it's better than the highs in the lower 30s that we'll be having here, so I'll take what I can get. But I probably won't be coming back with much of a tan. Terry and I will probably get at least one nice dinner out by ourselves, though, so that's something. I haven't gotten back to the nannies I emailed last week-- it's been fruitless to try to get them out here, every day that's available has snowed, and now we're leaving town. And they're only going to be around until mid-May anyway since they are students.

Hopefully the snow will be gone by the time we return. I've got to find out when I need to be in NYC in March-- I forgot what date my doctor's appointment is scheduled. I need to find a place to stay, arrange flights, etc. and haven't even started that yet. It is a bit more complicated now that we don't own a home up there anymore.