Auurgh! No Palm Trees!

I spent three hours plowing this morning, and Terry spent another hour this afternoon, and we were finally able to get the car out. "We" meaning Terry, and all he did was go into Crozet to get a key made for the catsitter. The roads around here are atrocious for about two miles.

The weather reports haven't changed, they are still calling for us to get 4-8" of snow tomorrow. We decided my plan to leave for Richmond today wouldn't work since if we left before the snow, there would be no one to plow and therefore the cat sitter couldn't come, and we can't leave the cats in their current situation without them tearing up the house.

And I was trying to work out the schedule if we stayed until this next storm was over, and how we'd get to Richmond after we plowed. There really was just no safe way to make the trip work for us to fly out at 7am on Thursday. Besides, we're flying standby, and with all the flight cancellations people are stranded all over the place and we probably wouldn't get on the flight anyway. So we talked it over with Terry's mom and rescheduled.

So we're stuck here, in the snow, for a few more weeks. BLEH! This is a total bummer. The plowing is also getting old. We're the only ones on the street with a tractor, so we're the only ones who plow. One neighbor actually also has a tractor, but he's got "lawn" tires which are useless in the snow. Plowing a couple times over the course of the winter is no big deal, but plowing out of these blizzards takes a lot of hours. Terry was pointing out that we wouldn't need a vacation so bad if we could just cozy up and enjoy the snow, but we spend our free time plowing, while the other one of us is stuck at home alone with the baby.

At least we have power. I think they said on the news over 8,000 homes are without power around here; ours never did worse than flicker, so we're pretty lucky in that respect. And we have enough food. Plenty of food, so we really don't have to go out.

Since I'll be in town this weekend, I can go to my friend's baby shower, so that'll be a consolation. Well, presuming the roads are clear by then. The snow is supposed to end on Wednesday, so everything should be plowed by Thursday and presumably melted off the roads by Friday, so I figure I'll be able to get out. Unless we get ANOTHER storm this weekend.

I'll definitely take a day off from plowing tomorrow. Maybe even skip Wednesday if we only get 4". Let's see how much melts. Man, this is demoralizing. I've been looking forward to going to Florida for a while now.