One-Mile Drag

William started up his constant whine at about 11:30am today. You know, where no matter how you try to entertain him, this grating, wah, wah, wah, runs constantly in the background? Terry and I were at our wits' end within an hour. The wind had died down a bit, so I called my neighbor Jill to see if she'd let us in if we walked over there.

She said her jaw hit the floor when she heard me say I'd walk over there with William. Her house is about a half-mile away from ours via the road. And the road is no longer plowed, it's drifted to over a foot deep in places. But she knew cabin fever when she heard it, so she said we could come by.

I bundled William up and off we went. I took him to our next-door neighbor's yesterday afternoon, and it was surprisingly easy to pull the sled over the slush and ice in the road. I figured it would be even easier today since there would be no gravelly bits to get stuck on.

Um, no.

Downhill wasn't so bad, but getting up the driveway was extremely difficult. The snow was powdery and drifted, and although the sled didn't sink in anywhere, it wasn't exactly gliding along like it was on the ice yesterday. I really had to pull. It was probably as hard to get up the hill dragging the sled today as it was in clear weather when I was 9 months pregnant.

But we made it, and had a very nice visit. Jill still had one or two baby toys in her game cabinet, and William sat and played with them quietly until his nap time. We did also walk him around a bit, and it wasn't like he sat still when he was playing, he crawled all around looking at things, but he was generally very happy and easy to keep an eye on.

He fell asleep on the sled ride home, and slept very soundly through his whole nap.

My muscles are starting to regret the trip, particularly my arms and upper back, but my mental health is better than it was. If we can't get the car out tomorrow, perhaps I'll see if the Donovans will take us in for a few hours. William seems to need the change of scenery way more than I do, but I don't mind getting a little fresh air and exercise. With all the baking I've been doing I need a little something to counteract those calories.