Reupholstering the Chair - Timing

I never mentioned here what prompted me to fix the chair at this particular time. I was knitting something for a friend while trying to watch William. I attempted this in the bedroom since I could sit on the bed and William wouldn't pull my balls of yarn since he would be playing with his toys on the floor. But it turned out that I couldn't see him very well from the bed since it was so high, I could only see the farther parts of the room, not right up next to the bed.

The only other place I could sit and knit was the rocking chair. But it had become so dilapidated that I just couldn't sit there anymore. So I put down my knitting and started to break down the chair so I could reupholster it. I figured I needed to do that first before I could finish knitting.

Later that day, I realized that was ADD-think. Of course I could finish the knitting before I reupholstered the chair, I'd just have to figure out a different location to work on it. If I had actually waited until the chair project was done, I wouldn't finish the knitting before I needed to give the gift.

Now William still needs another wool soaker, and I have the yarn to work on it, but I AM waiting to finish the chair before I start on that project. He has enough diaper covers that fit that we can muddle through with what we have for now. But now I have a deconstructed chair and upholstery materials taking up a good portion of my sewing room. It is becoming progressively harder to just muddle through with my sewing amidst all the other stuff. So my current plan is: 1) finish the chair, 2) knit the soakers, 3) organize the sewing room.