I have a follower!

When I logged into my brokerage account to print out last year's 1099-DIV, I saw that my investments were up over 1% *in a day*. I was pleasantly surprised since everyone was talking "rally" yesterday and I'm invested as a bear. And I was out slushing around during market hours today and didn't know what happened (still don't, I've gotta focus on taxes). Anyway, since I was up so much I had to of course log onto Cake Financial to see if I've been upgraded to "elite" from "platinum". I was "elite" for a day earlier this week for the first time, but was kicked back the next day. But I know I must be close. I'm still platinum, but I noticed something curious. My welcome splash said "You have 4 members in your network." But I'm only following three other investors, so I clicked to find out what was going on.

I have a follower! Someone is following *my* investments! I am just tickled. Terry said that makes me "officially" a professional trader now that someone is interested in my trading skills (or at least is curious about what's in my portfolio). Granted, it's one of the guys that I'm following, so that's how he found out about me, but still, he did choose to be notified when I make a trade.

I'm still the #2 top investor in my category (platinum market timer), but my portfolio is significantly less risky than the top performer so I like to think that I am #1 in being closest to the "efficient frontier" in my category. I might not be #2 when anyone reads this, but I've consistently been in the top ten. Don't be too impressed, I think it's out of something like 42 other people. But it's all the recognition I get, so I'll take it. I've got no boss, no coworkers, no customers, no suppliers. No one to send me flowers on national Trader Appreciation Day.