Reupholstering the Chair - Part 4

Yeah, this chair still isn't done. It seems like I have to work on it tack by tack, interrupted by having to entertain William (or keep him away from dangerous stuff if he's in the room with me where I'm working).

By 2/15 I had finished the springs and covered them with padding and burlap.

The same day, I put a few staples and tacks into the fabric on the front and seat. I had to play around with it a little to line up the pattern on the fabric so it looked centered on the chair.

Since then, I've been able to put in another tack here and there, but it wasn't until today that I was able to make real progress.

I finished tacking down the fabric on the seat, then trimmed it down. I finished tacking the top of the front fabric for the chair back, and made progress tacking the sides. But the sides are not done. It's a slow process. It's tricky trying to hold the fabric taut, hold the tack in place, and hammer it in without banging up the frame.

I was starting to feel satisfied with my progress until I realized the next step after I finish tacking the sides is not to add the edge trim as I was planning. I still have another panel to tack! I haven't even started the BACK of the chair back yet. Fortunately, there isn't much padding involved, so it should be easier than the parts I'm working on now. But at least the end is in sight, even if it's not exactly imminent.