William Likes His Monday Nanny

We had the first nanny come out for four hours today. She was a big hit with William!

He's been bursting into tears anytime someone other than Terry or me comes into the room. Even if he's seen the other person often (like my next-door neighbor). Then I have to hold him for a few minutes, then he's fine, and is content to interact with the other person. This has been going on for a month or so now.

So I was prepared for the tears when E came over, but. . .William didn't cry! She's blond, so I thought maybe she looks enough like me that he felt comfortable, but then I remembered that our high-school babysitter is blond, and that doesn't assuage William. So I guess he just likes E. Which is great.

She came over around 4pm, and we went over William's routine for about 30 minutes, then I left her to play with him while I cleaned the kitchen (in peace!) and got ready for ballet. William was playing with her very nicely. I stopped in the room to see how things were going, and she was happy to report that William was a very good baby, easy to play with. Yup, that's William. He's a peach as long as he has the undivided attention of an adult.

I had to leave around 5:30, but Terry was home the whole time, and he reported that there was some fussiness after dinner, and William didn't go to sleep easily. No surprise, that's how he is with us usually. Which is why I was happy to get someone who could deal with William from 4-8pm, so someone ELSE could put up with a fussy baby and we could have a night off. Although I don't deal with him on Mondays anyway, since that's when I have ballet. But at least it's easier for Terry.

Unfortunately, due to the timing of our vacation and E's spring break, she won't see William again for two weeks. But after that he'll see her at least 1x per week through June. Hopefully more-- she said she might be able to come out Tuesdays and Thursdays, but not every Tuesday and Thursday. I told her to just let us know what her week looked like when she sees us on Monday, and we'd go from there.

William is going to meet a new babysitter tomorrow. This woman was supposed to come out last Thursday, but she wound up in the hospital with a kidney infection, but she's ok now. She's an adult, so I think she might be easier to schedule if we need a sitter on particular days (like so we can go to a concert tomorrow night). We won't have to worry about her needing extra time to study for exams, etc (oh I forgot to mention E is a 4th year education major at UVA). The plan was to have her come out once while we were around a lot (last Thursday) before we left William with her for an entire evening, but we'll just see how it goes tomorrow. She's coming over at least an hour before we leave (and we could stay longer if necessary, it just depends on where we go to dinner before the show) so that should be enough time to get William used to her so he won't be too traumatized. Hopefully.