Sumo Diapers

William is outgrowing some of his diapers (I forget if the thick ones are the Chinese-style or Indian-style), but rather than order larger ones, I've just been altering the existing diapers. Since it's not certain that we'll be able to have any more kids, I'm not going to bother saving all the baby things "just in case". I put our odds at about 50-50 at best. So if we do have another, I'll just buy new small diapers (or just rip off the extensions from the altered diapers, whatever).

William's waist is big enough now that the back corners of the diaper don't overlap the front corners enough to be held on properly using the snappis. So I take half a birds-eye diaper and make a waistband extension. It works really well, but I think it looks a little like a sumo diaper.

I used a decorative stitch to attach the waistband. Mostly because I'm too lazy to change out the black thread that was in the sewing machine, so I figured it would look better if it looked like I was using a contrasting thread on purpose.

The last one I made, I used the stitch all the way around the waistband instead of just at the top and bottom. I'm not sure which way I like better.

I think the next set I make (I make two at a time since I get two waistbands from each birds-eye diaper) I'll try with rounded edges instead of square. They're not really that square anyway since the birds-eye fabric gets stretched out of shape.

I didn't use T-shirt material to expand the diapers like I did for the last batch I made (months ago). This is because the snappis, while they will attach to the T-shirt, they don't attach well. And they attach even less well when the snappis start to get a little dull (the grippy points are plastic, and they do wear out after six or seven months). But snappis love the birds-eye fabric, so my new method of diaper extension is superior. But I'm not sure I like it better aesthetically. I'll keep playing around with it.