Packing Wasn't So Bad

I went ahead and dug out some summer clothes this afternoon. It turns out I had put a small box of clothes that fit me last summer aside, separate from the bulk of my summer clothes, which do not fit at the moment.

While I'm 8 lbs more than my pre-pregnancy weight and 10 lbs less than I was last summer, I was still able to put together enough clothes for the trip. Most of what I wore to the beach last summer is still fine, and some of the clothes from pre-pregnancy fit again now that I am nursing less often than when William was newborn and I'm not carrying around so much milk on top.

It is disappointing that many of the clothes I wore in Anguilla aren't flattering, despite the fact that I'm the same weight now as I was then. But perhaps later this summer. It remains to be seen if I get as much exercise chasing William around when he starts walking as everyone says I will.