So Far, So Good

Our new night babysitter, D, came over this evening around 5pm. I was able to scoop William up into my arms after she walked in just in time to avert his customary bursting-into-tears greeting.

She's been playing with him for over an hour, and now feeding him. William seems to be having a good time-- I've been packing, and getting ready to go out.

The opening act probably won't start until 9pm, so the main act will probably be after 10pm. We haven't stayed out so late since William was born! There isn't much seating at the venue, so Terry and I figure we don't want to get there when the doors open at 8pm since we'd have to stand for four hours. So we'll leave for dinner in a little while, and take our time once we're there. Terry says the opening band doesn't look that exciting, so we don't care if we miss that.

I'm wearing eyeliner for the first time in months. My hair is fluffed out, I'm wearing black, and I'm ready to go out!