Biggest Knitting Failure Ever

Oh, I thought I was so slick, knitting a cute little stripe into William's new pair of brown soakers. I was so blinded by the stripes, I failed to notice the fatal flaw in my project.

Was the fatal flaw that I didn't realize I needed to learn how to knit a "jogless join" when knitting in the round?

No, I could live with the jog; I'd try the new technique on the leg stripes.

Nor was it the mysterious three purl stitches that appeared in the back of the soaker, seemingly out of nowhere. I don't know why I would get three purl stitches when I was knitting every round. Nevertheless, that error was small enough I could live with that, also.

Was the problem that my "jogless join" technique on the legs didn't look all that jogless?

Nah, I'm learning two new techniques at once. I was joining the colors by felting the strands together, THEN doing a jogless join with the felted strands. I'm not surprised I need more practice with this.

I didn't immediately notice that I started the second leg in the wrong direction when I attached it to the top.

I considered ripping this out, but decided that William wouldn't care if he had several rows in garter stitch at the top of one leg. So I left it.

No, the error that doomed this project was that I didn't realize I had picked up ALL the gusset stitches when I attached the second leg.

It wasn't until I held the pants up to William to double-check the length when I was almost done with the second leg that I realized one leg was nearly twice as wide as the other. And there was no gusset.

I figured that William would NOT be able to ignore this problem. It would feel weird to him, and I don't even know if these would go under his regular pants without a gusset. That fat leg would get all bunched up under his clothes.

I was so demoralized that I would have to rip that entire leg, and re-felt all those joins for the stripes again, that I just set the whole project aside.

I got new needles, and switched to knitting socks. For myself. I got a book about how to knit two socks at once on double circular needles. The technique forces you to knit the socks exactly the same, you won't wind up with one sock longer than the other because you miscounted rows. Your socks aren't guaranteed to fit, but at least they'll both be the same size, so they'll fit someone.

I'm pretty happy with the way these are progressing.

Another benefit of using circular needles instead of double-pointed needles is that you can try them on as you go. So far, they fit. I am encouraged.

If I get to wear these pretty, warm, pink socks while I rip out the fat leg on William's soaker, I think I won't feel so bad.