Finally, Warmth

This is our fifth day in Florida, but the first day we could go out in short sleeves. It hasn't topped 65F since we got here, until this afternoon.

Terry and his mother went to a flight museum that had a hangar full of antique planes. I stayed home with William, and had a wonderful time.

When he awoke from his morning nap, I fed him then put him in a stroller for a walk. Then I brought him home so we could eat lunch, then we went right back outside. I put a blanket down in the shade of some palm trees in the back yard, and William spent a few hours crawling around the vicinity and rolling down the little hill (unintentionally I think, but he took it in stride). William was so engrossed by exploring his surroundings, I was able to relax and knit my socks most of the time.

When the shade from the palms disappeared into the side yard, I relocated us about twenty yards closer to the golf course, in the shade of an enormous oak tree. William got to explore anew, plus "read" a magazine I brought out for him. Then he got tired so I swaddled him and he napped for nearly two hours while I got to relax and continue knitting in the dappled shade.

It was exactly the sort of afternoon I had been waiting for this entire vacation. Now Terry and his mother are minding the baby, so I am catching up on my blog a little.

I've got to make an entry and post the video from our simulator ride yesterday, that was AWESOME, but I'll do that another time. I want to get back to my knitting. I might finish my socks tonight, soon enough to keep the chill off my feet while I watch TV after William's bedtime.