What do I do all day? Part 2

OK, so it's been about eight hours since my last post. Did I accomplish my goals yet? Not exactly.

So I called the resort this morning and got the report that conditions were excellent. Great! But I get out there and it's pure slush. Over old packed down snow turned to ice. I gave it a try, but it just wasn't fun for me I was too worried about running into the puddles and getting soaked. I know there is a certain snowboard technique that's good for slush, but it's too late in the season for me to be bothered to learn it, so I came home after just a few runs. Very disgruntled. Bad Wintergreen!

I lay down to take a quick nap, and then I get a call from a collection agent about some old business expense that wasn't paid. I call Terry so he can deal with it, but he puts it back on me. An hour later, I've made some calls and sent an email to put the situation on hold for the time being. I have not had time to relax and am still disgruntled.

I take a break to eat some of the delicious chicken I picked up at the Greenwood Market on the way home from the resort (you see I did what I could to make lemonade from the situation) and that started to cheer me up, although I was still tired.

I turn on the computer to start the taxes when I get the email from the landscaper I'd been waiting for since yesterday showing why the flags for the new tree are so near the house. So before it got dark I went outside with the plan and a measuring tape to better envision it. It took about an hour to measure it all out and satisfy myself that I will like the new look for the front yard, then when I got back in it took some time to write an email since I still had a few questions about the particulars. I had to deal with this today since the tree will probably be planted Friday and any/all changes to the plan have to be made by tomorrow.

Now it's 8pm and I'm tired of sitting at the computer, and a bit sore from the two hours of slushboarding I put in before I got disgusted with the conditions and left. It was a warm day, it would've only gotten worse.

I will take a break, eat some fresh bread & soft cheese, maybe have a beer. There's nothing on TV I'm interested in, but I might turn on "America's Next Top Model". I saw an episode before where one of the girls was so clueless she couldn't find any of her calls and spent the whole day asking for directions. The show should make me feel better about myself. At least I accomplished ONE of my goals for the day.