Guess Who's Got New Socks?

It was raining this morning, so I continued knitting my socks. Here's a photo from when I tried them on to estimate how many more rows I needed to knit before starting the decreases for the toes:

By late afternoon I had finished everything except grafting them shut before we left the house to take William to the park. But I finished them upon our return, just before dinner.

Et voila! My new socks!

They are toasty warm and comfortable, and I am very pleased with myself. They are the first pair of adult socks I've ever knit, and the first pair I've knitted on circular needles. I really like the method of knitting two at once. At the back of the book they have instructions for how to convert patterns knit on 4 needles to this method, so at some point I'll try to knit baby socks this way. But I think I'll try some of the other patterns in this book before I try converting something on my own.