Trim on Chair!

We switched up our routine a bit today, so Terry took William starting at around 2:30pm. I was tired from watching him since 9am (he was good except when I was trying to cook lunch, when he was whining and getting on my nerves), so I played a few computer games. Then I decided to take advantage of the quiet house (Terry took William for a walk) and got to work on that chair reupholstery project.

I finished tacking down the fabric on the front side of the back of the chair. It was tricky due to the shape of the frame, but I got it done. Then I decided that I was so sick of looking at the unfinished chair that I went ahead and put the trim on the front before I put the new fabric on the back of the chair.

I feel much better about it now because I can position it in my sewing room so I don't have to look at the back of the chair. And since the front is now finished, I don't have to be confronted by a torn-apart half-finished piece of furniture every time I pass through the room. It still IS a torn-apart half-finished (well, 2/3 finished) piece of furniture, but at least I now have the illusion that it is done.

William is sleeping now, so I won't work on it tonight-- much hammering is required for the next step. But maybe I'll rally and get it done tomorrow. Wouldn't that be great?