Unprepared For Baby Club

I volunteered to host baby club this week. But I did that before I took a good hard look at the rooms I was planning to use. They're not as clean or well-organized as I thought they were.

Terry helped out by straightening them up while I was out with William this afternoon, but it will probably be up to me to vacuum tomorrow-- Terry doesn't know that he should vacuum the crumbs from the sofa cushions, etc., so I'll probably want to do that even if he vacuums the floor.

I thought about making the bread dough tonight for the whole wheat bread I usually make, so I would just have to pop a loaf in the oven tomorrow morning. But I decided to watch the Sex In The City movie instead. It's not like I really have any other food to fall back on to offer my guests. I thought I had plenty of cashews, but when I looked in the can there weren't many left-- I guess Terry has been snacking on them. I have crackers, and there is a chance that I have cheese that is still good, although I haven't checked.

I used to be very conscientious when I hosted events, going through checklists to make sure I had done everything necessary to be a good hostess. Since I have ADD I really need to go through written lists for stuff like this, I totally cannot remember otherwise. But it's been so long since I've invited people over, I have no idea where my lists are anymore. Probably on my old laptop somewhere. I guess I'll make new lists. They'll be different anyway, now that people bring kids with them when they come visit. I need to prepare in new and different ways than I used to.

I'm not really unprepared to host, everything is adequate, I'm sure. It's just that I am unprepared to meet the goal of hosting the best baby club ever. Which is fine. The whole point of the get-together is for it to be easy for the moms involved, not for there to be any pressure to roll out the red carpet when it's your turn to host. But it's not my nature to do things plainly, although admittedly it is often my practice.