Listpup Is Up!

Terry has been working on a project since sometime last fall, maybe even late summer, I don't remember.

Have you ever wanted some list of information, but the only things you find online are long articles or bits and pieces of what you need, but no simple list?

Listpup is Terry's answer to this problem. This site is still in progress, but you can add lists. You can make public lists (so the public can add more information to make the list better) or private lists (your own list of birthdays or whatever). I've discovered a lot of things aren't as intuitive as Terry thought they were when he designed them, so he's always making changes to make the site easier to use. If you give it a try, let him know what you think.

I made a short list called "Ballet Moves" as an example (short, because I don't yet remember the names of a lot of the moves we've learned in class. . .), but I can't seem to find it on the site. Maybe you can-- the site doesn't work well with my browser, and I refuse to switch browsers so I just have to wait until Terry fixes it. . .

Anyway, check it out and give it a try.