The Crocus Are Abloom

I had forgotten about the crocus-- I've been used to seeing them earlier than this, more like late February to early March. When I didn't see them after the last snowstorm, I stopped looking.

But I was wheeling William through the yard today, looking for Terry, when I saw them. We've got a few more than half a dozen out by the flagpole (planted by the previous owners), and two were in bloom this afternoon. So I can't say it's the first day they've bloomed, but it's probably close.

The daffodil stalks are well up, but not close to blooming, and the hyacinth stalks are just a few inches tall now. The rhubarb is several inches tall.

Terry finally got rid of the overgrown shrub that was crowding the magnolia near the front of the house. He put a chain around it, and used the tractor to pull it up. He knew it would be way too big to dig up by hand, and the only other alternative was to chop it down, so he figured pulling it up might preserve it.

It seems to have worked-- once Terry got it out of the ground (the ground is still soft enough, the whole thing came up, roots and all), and cleared all the honeysuckle off it. Then he dug a hole for it on our shrub hill (using the tractor hole-digger), and drug the shrub out there to plant it. It may sound like rough treatment for a shrub, but this thing was seriously overgrown. It's about 6' diameter, in every direction. Hopefully it will take in its new location. More for Terry's sake because of the work he put into this project than for the sake of the hill. Although there is a LOT of land to cover, and a shrub that size will certainly help. Our other shrubs out there are tiny, little 2' diameter things.