What do I do all day?

Here's an example of what happens. My goal for today is to amend our 2006 Federal tax return and go snowboarding. How I've progressed: I woke up early so I squandered the found time by playing Scrabble with myself (I won). I've updated my antivirus software on both my portable usb drive and laptop. I've added my local bank address & business hours to my wiki, and sent direct deposit information to Terry's employer. I put a September 2008 doctor's appointment on my calendar. On their website I see that most of Wintergreen's trails and lifts are open despite the weather forecast showing a high of 59F on the mountain. I will call them before I leave since I'm skeptical about this. OK I just got off the phone, they apparently have been making snow overnight, so I'll give it a try. Since I only have 15 minutes before it's time for me to leave for the afternoon half-day session I don't think I'll start the 2006 return now--I'll do that tonight when I get back. The perfect way to relax after a few hours on the slopes, amending your prior year's tax return.