Local Politics Is Annoying

Trying to avoid a repeated theme, I was just trying to see if I could pull my April crossword puzzle from last year off the Gazette's site (nope) when I was bombarded with local politics.

I'm so tired of hearing about the county budget problems. Mostly because I think there's no way to change the system. It's not just the county that can't spend wisely, it's all governments with the power to tax. They just raise taxes when they want to spend more. We tried electing supervisors who are against taxes, and they are, but the public screams over any cuts to any public service, so the officials are backed into a corner.

You want to improve county schools? Abolish public funding and return property tax money to residents to pay for private schools. Don't think this is my own hare-brained idea, check out this article off the Cato Institute website, here's an excerpt:

The U.S. public school monopoly is guilty of seven deadly sins: It wastes resources, discourages good teaching, inhibits parental involvement, suppresses information, stifles innovation, creates conflict and harms the poor.

The breadth of the government's involvement into more and more areas of our lives is maddening to me. It just pushes Terry and me further and further towards getting "off the grid" in as many ways as possible. We are in favor of the government being in charge of public safety. That's about it. In everything else, it is overstepping its bounds. Schools, libraries, trash collection, give me a break. These are not valid government responsibilities.

Now I've completely forgotten about working on the crossword puzzle. I am just so sick of the incompetence exhibited at all levels of government, it is difficult to feel like I am even a part of this society. What is the saying, "people get the government they deserve?" Unfortunately, we can't all have our own private governments, it's dumbed down to the lowest common denominator.