Reupholstering the Chair - Part 5

Not too bad. About a month and a half after I started the project, it is finished. I've been working on the back panel for close to a week now, literally just a few minutes at a time. Tonight I trimmed the fabric back there and glued on the edge trim.

Here's a before photo to jog your memory:

I still haven't seen the finished chair in the bedroom yet, I guess I'll just cross my fingers that it will match the decor as well as I hoped it would when I chose the fabric. I didn't move it in tonight since William is already asleep in there. I banged up the frame a little bit while nailing the fabric to the frame, so I'll probably use some of my magic wood treatment to touch up those spots before moving it into the bedroom. I also haven't put any fabric on the bottom to cover up the jute. I haven't decided what fabric to use for that, or if I'm going to bother with that at all. I'll think about it.