A Grassless Park & Carousel Ride

We took a walk down to Bryant Park after William awoke from a long morning nap. We expected to sit on a blanket in the grass, but when we arrived, there was no grass in the park! Not a blade!
The entire section that used to be grass was completely dirt, and closed off with bulldozers in it.
But there is a new section that didn't exist when we lived here, it's a "porch" setting. They've got some wooden swings and Adirondak chairs on a huge deck, so we sat there on a swing, and I doubt William even missed the grass. He sees plenty at home, anyway.

We also spent some time watching men play ping pong during their lunch hour. The outdoor picnic tables are also new since we lived in the city.

And before we left the park, William had his first carousel ride. He sat on a horse that went up and down, with me standing next to him to make sure he stayed on.

He didn't want to hold onto the pole, but he sat on the horse pretty well despitw that. He would only look at the other horses around us at first, but then he began to look outward. He did notice Terry when we'd circle around to where he was standing.

William didn't seem to know quite what to make of the experience. To me, he seemed unsure whether he was supposed to be watching the world spin around, or enjoy the up-and-down ride on the horse, or be looking at all the movement taking place on the carousel itself. Terry said from his perspective it looked like William enjoyed it, but when I questioned that he admitted maybe it just looked like William thought it was just ok. At least he didn't hate it!