More Fabric Than Clothes

I think tomorrow I may shop for fabric instead of clothes. Today I was able to swing through Loehmann's, and it was a reasonably successful trip. I got two tank sweaters, a red polka-dot sundress, a black sundress, and a nightgown. It was pretty easy to narrow down my options for clothes to try on-- first of all, they don't have too much in my size since designers don't tend to make clothes for my, ahem, figure type.
Secondly, I had to ask myself, "Would this be appropriate to wear to baby club? Or while chasing William through the park?" If it wasn't I had to ask myself if it would be appropriate to wear to dinner on the rare night we get a sitter and go out. If it wouldn't work for any of the above, the final question was if Terry would like to see me wearing it around the house. I have certain outfits I really don't wear in public, but I trot them out just for Terry sometimes. But if the garment didn't fit any of those criteria, I didn't even bother trying it on. Fortunately, everything that was flattering was also washable, another non-negotiable requirement.

There were several more items that were close to being acceptable, but had minor unflattering details, so I didn't get them.

Instead, they inspired me to go fabric shopping tomorrow, so I can sew my own versions that will be entirely flattering. I still need to adjust my dress form to my current size, but my sewing teacher gave me some tips for that and once it's done I should be able to whip up whatever I want now that I'm learning to use my serger.