Shopping Injury

Until now, I've been pretty happy with twice-a-year clothes shopping regime. But today I am suffering because of it.

As I type, I have an ice pack on my left arm. It started hurting about an hour ago, and I had no idea why. I asked Terry to massage it for me, and when he did I could feel precicely where it was most sore and figured out it was from shopping.

I would flip through clothes on the racks with my right hand, and when I found something to try on I'd hold it in my left hand. But as I'd continue finding outfits on each floor, the stack on my left arm would grow heavier and heavier.

I didn't notice at the time that I was straining the muscles of my left arm, but it's painfully obvious now. Perhaps if I shoppped more than twice a year my clothes-holding muscles would remain in better shape, and I wouldn't have to suffer like this. I will continue to ice the muscles tonight, and if I am fully recovered by morning than I will stick with my current system. However, if my arm STILL hurts tomorrow, I will begin to question this method. I don't know that I'll abandon the method, but I will at least have another "con" to pit against all the "pros" and I'll reevaluate if it still nakes sense for me.