William Would Not Sleep

I can't believe how late William stayed up tonight! He only napped for an hour in the morning and a little less than that this afternoon. Yet he STILL wouldn't sleep when we were at the F's apartment. Even though they had a quiet room and an extra crib!!! We persevered until 11:30pm, but then we just gave up and decided to leave to see if William would sleep at "home". Of course he immediately fell asleep in the cab even before we started moving. Grrrr.

Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable evening. It was especially exciting because we found out it was TF's last day at his job! He has a much better job lined up, so we're very happy for him.

Earlier in the day, we spent most of it with our friend M on the upper east side. I had my doctor appointment in the afternoon, and got the welcome verdict that I could reduce my visits to 1x per year instead of two. Unless I get pregnant, in which case I should come in sooner.
I also was able to fit in a quick trip to Century 21. Terry wasn't feeling well so I had William with me. Which was ok since I wasn't shopping for myself at all, just for the baby. So I was able to keep moving for the most part-- we weren't in constant motion, but at least I didn't need to take him into a fitting room. I didn't get tons of clothes, but just a few outfits to get him through until I sew him some more.