He Just Needed His Own Bed

Ahhhhh. William, who has been staying up waaay too late and wailing for hours while we try to help him to sleep, finally went to bed without a struggle.

We got home in the evening, and when it was time to put him to bed around 7:30pm, I braced for a battle. But I nursed him, then swaddled him and put him down on his own little mattress on the floor of our room.

And he drifted off to sleep!

It wasn't instantaneous, but he didn't scream at all (just tossed and turned a bit), and he was asleep before 8pm.

Oh frabjous day! It's been over two and a half hours, and he hasn't even rolled over, he's down for the count. Terry and I have enjoyed our first long quiet evening in a long time, and I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight. Yay!

Although William is a good traveler in the sense that he doesn't freak out in airports or on planes or anything, and is fairly well-behaved in transit, I'm coming to appreciate how much his little world is disturbed by the change in venue.

While he seems to roll with it, and was generally good-natured in NYC, it did affect him. He wasn't eating OR sleeping as well as he usually does. Now the eating badly wasn't such a big deal since he usually eats so much that even if his eating is off, he's fine. But the sleeping was a bigger issue since he's only an average sleeper at best.

I am hopeful that he'll settle into a good routine now that we're home. We've had two big trips within a month, but now we plan on staying home for a while. This should be good for my poor discombobulated baby.