Re-Reading Dr. Phil

I've decided it's time to re-read the Dr. Phil weight-loss book, and get myself back on track. Nursing isn't exactly making my weight "melt off" like people said it would.

I finished reading the first section last night. I figured out my waist/hip ratio (suffice it to say it's not in the healthy range), and came up with my goals. In order to get back to a healthy weight (about where I was from 2005-2008) I'll need to lose 40 pounds. Yup. Forty. Yikes. But I lost 35 lbs doing this Dr. Phil thing back in 2004, so I know it's doable. And the best part is that I don't feel deprived when on his "diet" and generally have a decent amount of energy, etc.

I put "diet" in quotes since it's not really a diet in the traditional sense. It really is more of a "weight-loss solution" like in the book title. Because a lot of the work is changing your attitude towards food, and setting up your physical environment to foster weight-loss.

You'd think because I did this before, I could just do it again without re-reading the book and going through the exercises, but I can't. I fell off the Dr. Phil wagon during 2006 when Terry and I were working 12+ hour days trying to sell the company. But I didn't gain weight since I was taking the Ritalin regularly and it kept my appetite down. But yada, yada, yada, I started gaining when I started accompanying Terry on his business trips. We hung out with the sales guys and were eating and drinking like nobody's business, all on the company dime. But I didn't care, I thought it would come off once Terry quit and we were home on the farm.

It probably would have, except that I got pregnant within days of Terry quitting his job. And then I had to go off the speed, and coupled with the pregnancy my appetite took off and I gained even more weight. And now I don't remember ALL the things I did with the Dr. Phil diet, but I do remember it's helpful to follow his instructions to the letter. So I'm re-reading the book.

If I remember correctly, I don't even need to change my eating habits for the first few weeks if I don't want to. The first bit of time is spent adjusting your attitude, until you WANT to change your eating habits. I think I'm pretty much ready now, though. Again, I don't remember exactly what the procedure was, but I vaguely recall that it was easy to cook healthy food based on his guidelines. And I'm ready for easy. I'm pretty sure I won't have to give up my fresh bread, but I might have to make even smaller daily loaves than I have been. We'll see.

I played spider solitaire during William's morning nap, so I guess I'll have to wait until this afternoon or evening to read Part II of the book. Or however much I'm supposed to read at once. I think you read one chapter, do the exercises, but don't move on until the new stuff has become a habit, then you can go to the next chapter and add more.