Terrible Picks This Year

Ugh, I did horribly choosing winners in the NCAA tournament this year. Here's a link to my bracket. It may be too small to read depending on your monitor, but the bottom line is that I've got Duke vs. Kansas in the finals. And Kansas got knocked out in the 2nd round.

One of the sites I use for trading buzz has a friendly competition each year, and while I did respectably last year, I'm 197 this year. That's 197/234, putting me in the bottom 15%. However, if Duke actually comes through for me and wins it all, I should move up considerably. Maybe be in the top 50%, we'll see. But Duke must win.

I'm not too broken up about my poor showing, since I haven't watched a single college basketball game this season. Not one. So I just guessed blindly. I haven't even watched much of the tournament, although I did enjoy the double-overtime of the Xavier/Kansas State game.