Struggling To Finish My Socks

I thought I would have finished knitting my latest pair of socks when I was in NYC. We only went out one night, so I thought I'd be able to knit in the evenings. But I guess I was too focused on icing my shoulder in the evenings to want to pick up the knitting needles. I only got about 8 rows done the whole trip.

I knit another 8 today, but I still haven't quite finished the ankle part. I've got another set of 8 to do before I can start turning the heel. I was able to get some done today because Terry helped to watch William when T got back from Richmond this evening.

I might have knit more this evening after William went to sleep, except HE DIDN'T GO TO SLEEP. At least not until after 10pm. T was very upset about it, but I chalk it up to W being sick. He caught something from his cousins on Sunday. I KNEW I shouldn't have let the boy play over there in that den of sickness, but I didn't listen to my instinct, and now he's congested. Although he did seem to be feeling a little better than he was yesterday. He didn't go to sleep until 8:30pm last night. I think he probably would have fallen asleep by then tonight, too, but T seemed to be doing some version of "crying it out" with him.

By 8:30pm W was screaming his head off, so I stopped working on the taxes and went in there. T had all the lights off so it was pitch black in the room, and was sitting on our bed while W screamed from his bed. Good grief. First of all, he should have brought him to me so I could nurse him before trying to put him to sleep. Or at least given him a bottle of formula. Secondly, I always leave a little light on in there until I go to sleep, so it's not pitch black when W is trying to fall asleep. It would freak me out, too, if I was in total darkness without warning.

I was able to calm W down relatively quickly by holding him and rocking in my newly reupholstered chair. He was asleep by 8:50pm, but when I opened the door to leave the room it squeaked AND the cat meowed, and W woke up. I wanted to watch American Idol, so I took him into the lounge with me. When it's past his bedtime I listed to the TV with headphones on so W won't get too distracted. He started acting tired again around 9:30pm, but when I put him in his bed he just crawled out and went off across the house in search of his father. T eventually got him to sleep sometime after 10pm; he said he just let W play in the bedroom while T lay on W's bed. He just waited for W to get tired and come lie down on the baby bed next to him.

I was planning on going to church tomorrow night, but if T is going to try to make W scream himself to sleep in pitch blackness then I'd rather stay home and take care of my baby. I'll talk to T and maybe help him come up with a more reasonable strategy.