Baby Cut His First Tooth

Perhaps the difficulty we had getting William to sleep last night was actually teething. Starting at 5 months or so we attributed every nighttime screaming fit to teething, but since no teeth ever showed up we stopped blaming teething after a few months of that.

But today I put my finger in his mouth, and felt something sharp. His left front tooth on the top has cut through! I was hoping he'd be one of those babies that didn't get teeth until he was 14 months old since I'm still nursing, but he's nearly 12 months old so it's still a good time. It will be convenient when he can bite through food so we don't have to chop things up quite so finely.

I wonder if he's going to get the rest of his teeth quickly, or if it will take a long time. I remember his baby book has space to note the date that every tooth comes in, so I guess this is something I should pay attention to. I haven't pulled that baby book out in a while, I really ought to get caught up on months four through twelve, shouldn't I? I'll probably have to guess exactly when certain things happened if I didn't write it down in this blog or on his baby calendar.

He's becoming less and less of a baby every day. At least he made it this far. I don't envy my friend whose son learned to walk early since she lost her baby to toddlerhood at 7 months. As long as W's still crawling, he's still my little baby. Even if his toothless grin will soon be gone forever. I'm going to take a slew of photos of him smiling before that tooth protrudes any more.

I am sad that my baby is growing up. I always wanted a baby, and he's little for such a short time! I know raising him for the next 17 years is obligatory, and many of those years I hear are delightful, but there is definitely a part of me that likes having a babe-in-arms.

I suspect that this must be the feeling that many women get around this time. It's the time to turn lovingly to your husband when the first baby is in bed and whisper that it's time to make another one. . . Babies! Babies! It's all about the babies. Not so much about the toddlers. There's nothing romantic about having a toddler. No one would whisper to their spouse, "Let's make a two-year-old", even if it was possible. You gotta have the little helpless baby.

When we were trying for child #2 last fall, there wasn't anything particularly romantic about it, it was a practical decision. But now I'm starting to REALLY want another baby. Now we've got to wait until July if it's to be covered by the new health insurance, which we would prefer. I am curious if this feeling will last until then. Perhaps I'll get over it-- it's still four months away. Admittedly, it's hard to feel romantic when you're icing your shoulder all evening from carrying a 23-lb baby around. . .