Midnight Gardening-- Good or Evil?

Terry and I are working through our list of things to do before William's birthday, and spruce up the garden beds around the house is on the list. We don't have anything ambitious planned, we just want the place not to look like no one has lived here for several years.

Terry offered to plant the annuals I got yesterday, but I wasn't so sure of his ability to weed the beds. So at 5:30pm, I had already cooked dinner for us all, so I told him I'd go out and do it all myself, figuring I had 2.5 hours until American Idol came on. Terry came out around 6pm, and criticized me for using a small trowel to dig up the weeds. He said it needed to be done with a shovel. He told me it would take hours my way. Um, yeah, but I thought I had hours to get it done.

He said he'd dig up the beds and plant the flowers if I would just lay them out where I wanted them. I balked, since 1) he'd have to move the flowers in order to dig up the beds and wouldn't remember exactly where things went anyway, and 2) I don't trust him to dig up the beds right.

After American Idol, he reminded me that I should go plant my flowers. I'm glad I didn't task him with that! I don't know where he gets his idea of what it's like to "get the weeds out" of a garden bed, but it's not the same as my idea. When I say I'm going to get the weeds out, I get the weeds out. When he says he's going to get the weeds out, he just digs everything up so the weeds are torn up, but the roots are pretty much still in there.

So when I went out tonight, I finished the weeding job, digging up the roots with my little trowel, like I would have done to begin with. Although it was easier since he loosened up the top dirt. I only planted the dianthus and viburnum that I got to go around the lamppost, since that was the only part he dug up. He totally didn't dig up the remainder of the bed along the edge of the sidewalk from the driveway to the house. I got a "landscaper's pack" of dianthus at the Lowe's, and I thought it included 12 plants, but once I started taking them out I saw that it was 16. So I planted the dianthus/viburnum combo around the lamppost, and then I put the extra dianthus at the front of the bed on the other side, which T dug up to be symmetrical with the lamppost side. Not quite what I had in mind, I thought the other side was just going to be a narrow row, but whatever, he dug it up so I'll plant it.

I thought I'd have more light to plant by, I used a flash on this photo so it looks brighter than it was. We're down to one 40-watt bulb in the lamppost, and while it's enough to keep one from tripping on the way into the house, it's not exactly bright like a nighttime construction site.

It would have been good to get the rest of the plants in the ground tonight since it's predicted to be 91F degrees tomorrow. Yikes. But I just watered the rest of them in their pods, I'll wait until T digs up the rest of the bed. Or until he consents to watch W while I take hours to do it. I'm pretty sure he'd prefer the manual labor, he doesn't have a ton of patience for playing with W for hours at a time.