Now We Just Need One Address

So we got ourselves down to just one home last June, but we still have two addresses. This is down from three when we had the condo. I've got an address in Oregon that a lot of bills and statements still go.

When we were traveling a lot, I couldn't keep up with paying bills since we'd often be gone for about three weeks. This is long enough to miss due dates if the mail arrives at one location and it stays on hold at the post office the whole time. But when you temporarily forward mail, it usually takes at least a week for it to arrive at the new location, and then it will keep coming once you leave, so things sometimes would sit on hold at the post office where we just left. Neither system worked very well for me, so I got the Oregon service.

All the bills would go there, then they would scan the pages for me and I could see them online. This worked well for several years, but once we stopped moving around, I kind of stopped checking the account. Which has turned out to be a problem. . .

I started the process of changing our mailing address back to Virginia back in December, but I guess I missed some. I've been updating more accounts while I'm going over other bank info for taxes. The problem is that I seem to missing 1099 forms. I'm afraid I'm going to have to call up the banks and find out where they sent the forms. It's doubly confusing since some of the banks we had accounts with got bought out by larger banks. So we get multiple statements from Bank of America. Usually they aggregate your accounts on one statement, but with the acquired bank the transition wasn't so fast and easy and I think things might have gotten mixed up.

I'm setting a little goal for myself to get off the Oregon service by the end of this month's contract, which is the 20th. Slowly but surely, I'm working my way through the backlog of mail there. . .