Last Two Neurofeedbacks Not As Dramatic

Yesterday and today J repeated the same protocol she used on me Monday, but the after-effects have not been as pronounced.

Yesterday, while I felt very buzzy during our session, I really didn't feel anything unusual once I left the building. Today, J had me do longer sets of this protocol. I think she said they were 5 to 8 minutes each, I don't remember now. This time, I was instructed to keep my eyes closed between sets and try to stay "in the zone". It was a decent session for me since I arrived very stressed out (not that I am stressed out about anything, but T was stressed out and I felt I was bearing the brunt of his frustrations), and left feeling very relaxed.

When I left, I tried to keep my body relaxed ("in the zone") the same way it felt during treatment, but keep my mind alert so I could run errands efficiently. That worked for me pretty well-- I stayed relaxed with a buzzy body feeling for around 30 minutes after the session, but my head was clear.

J says that she likes the way my brainwaves respond to this treatment, so we might stick with this for a while. It's fine with me; I haven't felt depressed at all since I started this new protocol, so I like it better than the first one we did. I need to finish reading those brainwave books I borrowed, so I can remember what specifically each type of brainwave is best for. Just because I'm curious, I really don't know how to summon particular wavelengths at this point, although after several months of training I might be able to do that, it varies for people.