W's First Haircut

I've been trimming W's hair at the nape and around his hears for many months, but generally just a snip here and there, nothing major. But his hair was starting to get unmanageable-- look at what a little mop-top he was sporting for Easter:

So a few days before his birthday, I decided to give him a serious haircut.

Oh how he screamed! He was pretty groggy after first waking up that morning (the 7th), so I thought maybe he wouldn't fight the haircut as much as he would if fully awake. I had no such luck, the first snip brought him into alertness. And he yelled and yelled, but after I got a few snips into it, I didn't want to stop and leave him looking really bedraggled. Eventually Terry came in from the other room to see what happened; he figured W fell or something and was inconsolable. T laughed when he saw the commotion was just W getting his hair cut.

Here's a better photo of his new 'do:

It's not entirely even, but it was difficult circumstances. W got several compliments on his haircut today, so I figure the unevenness isn't that noticeable to people other than his own mother. . .