@#$&(%# Verizon Customer Service

First I get an email threatening to cut off my DSL if I don't pay up, but there are instructions in the email to click a link, login, then click the "one-time payment" button and this will be taken care of. Easy-peasy right?

Except that when I follow their instructions I get an error page that says I have to pay for my DSL through my phone bill, and it gives me another link to log into. Fine.

Except that my phone bill does not include any charges for DSL, neither current nor the past-due balances. I'm irritated, but see they have a "quick support" link--great! Maybe someone can tell me how I should pay this past due bill.

Ironic, isn't it? Guess who's not getting paid today. They really should just call so I can pay over the phone with a credit card, like the other vendors do.