The Neverending Sock

I vaguely recall starting to knit these socks soon after we got back from Florida. I know I took them with me when we went to NYC, although I didn't make much progress on them during that trip.

Honestly, I haven't made much progress on them since then, either. It's hard to fit this into my life, since I'm not a good enough knitter to really stop and restart in the middle of a round. And it takes several minutes to finish a round, and I get interrupted a lot. If it's not to chase after William, Terry barges in and wants something. So I'm afraid to start knitting a round unless I am fairly certain I'll have 10 minutes to myself.

I could be knitting more during W's naps, but I've been reading a book about brain science. But tonight I knit while T was fixing us some drinks before we watched the movie "Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day". I finished three rounds. Only four more to go before I can start shaping the heels.

The book said that these socks "knit up fast". I would respectfully disagree with that. The basic socks knit up fast. These, not so much. Perhaps it would go quicker if you were accustomed to using elastic yarn. But I have to consciously monitor the yarn to make sure I'm not stretching it as I knit. It's not difficult, but it does seem to slow things down for me a little bit.

I picked up these socks again tonight since I want to start making a gift for another friend who has a baby shower next month. I thought I'd knit something for her upcoming son, but I would like to stick to my practice of finishing one project before I start another. If I can't finish these socks in a timely way, I may have to sew something for my friend instead of knitting something. We'll see, there is still some time left.