Finally, Baby Club

Our baby club hasn't gotten together in weeks, but we got our act together today. Four of the five regulars met at my place this morning, and all kids had a nice time-- no breakdowns at all! Unfortunately, it was cold and rainy at the time, so we all stayed in the kitchen and TV room; we didn't even go out on the porch. W's friend, H, is so big! He's only 7 months old, but he's the same weight as W. But H is a cute roly-poly-little dude, and always smiling. It'll be fun when W and H are more interactive with each other. As it is, both boys are in love with 2-year-old D. It is darling how each of the little boys just stares adoringly when D walks near them. L, another 2-year-old girl spent the first bit of time hiding in the corner, peeking out at the action. But she eventually got over her shyness and was running around playing with the others before too long.

After club, I had to quickly eat and feed W lunch because it was time to go to neurofeedback. J gave me a "body awareness" guided meditation today, and while I wasn't able to keep focused as well as yesterday, it worked out anyway. By the end of the session, my alpha waves were high, and not only was my beta lower, my low-frequency brainwaves were also calmed down. J says my brain is starting to get "toned". At least that's what I think she said. Something about tone, at any rate.

I did ask how much longer we were going to work with this alpha protocol, and she said she'd probably like to have 20 sessions raising alpha before moving on to the trickier stuff, unless I reported problems with this protocol, and felt like I wasn't making progress or started to get some unpleasant side effect. Since I like this alpha thing, I don't mind getting more of it. We had session #9 today, so we're nearly halfway done with this part.